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of education arne duncan, mayor of new york city michael bloomberg and kati haycock president of the education tress. i think the fact that this wednesday before thanksgiving and it is a:00 in the morning and we have the full house and a lot of cameras is either testament to the fact of the timeliness of the quality of this discussion or arne they are expecting you to announce the "race to the top" decisions this morning. we are here today to discuss education reform the 21st century and issue that could not be more timely. to keep our global leche in our economy strong the nation needs to get education right. we need to improve our failing schools and close the persistent achievement gaps. we need to prepare all students regardless of their family background for the workplace of the 21st century. that is what these great leaders and their team led by sidney brown have been-- the american recovery act provided an unprecedented amount of discretionary funding targeted for education reform. $4.35 billion in the "race to the top" guns, 650 million for investing in innovation funds, $200 million f
network interviews like the one with katie couric. >> there's the perky one, again, with the microphone and the cameras rolling, and i'm like, ng, you know? give me just a couple of minutes to gather -- >> the perky one, you mean katie. >> with all due respect, yeah. nicely, yeah. >> reporter: and mccain aides deny forcing palin and her family to dress up in those designer othes. in "going rogue," she writes -- "my family was made to look like a herd of hillbillies who had come to the big city and started living high on the hog, and that hurt me for them." telling oprah -- >> okay, this is like one of those relationships you have when we're young and somebody says, oh, i just love you the way you are, now let me change you. >> reporter: in her book, palin's chief antagonist was mccain strategist steve schmt. she writes that he raised questions from day one on her views on evolution. in "going rogue," she writes that she told him she only believes in "parts of evolution" and "didn't believe in the theory that human beings -- thinking, loving beings -- originated from fish that sprouted l
. >> open invitation for levi to come to aunt katie's house for thanksgiving dinner in washington. there. >> with levi, the gq man of the year and reporters were pressing about with the palins. he refused to comment. i was looking for information on that, but after all the venom between sarah and the guy who was almost her son in law, can you imagine sarah and levi on drumsticks and masd potatoes at aunt katie's? >> not in a million years this guy will be anywhere near the palin compound. >> here did "playgirl" it would be awkward. under statement of the year? >> if he was actually the stuffed turkey. i would love to be a fly on that wall. it would be too good. >> appreciate it. we have been asking to you vote on the question of the day. sarah palin versus levi johnston. who is the bigger celebrity. keep voting or e-mail us at "showbiz tonighsho "showbiz tonight" >> carrie caught up in this embarrassing scandal and she reportedly asked the donald to help her out. didn't she diss him? will trump help her? the raging sexiest man alive debate? all heck breaks loose in the newsroom.
for the coverage. that's all for 9news now at six. cbs evening news with katie couric is next. join derek for the area's only lone
doing? >> i am katy. >> oh, at first i was a little bit taken back and then i understood what we were doing. >> because it is an american custom. you know, something that is difficult to get away from. >> lets ms. etiquette if there is a way to get around it. >> if you want to say i am concerned about getting sick so if you don't mind i am not shaking hands. no this is not going to work. >> the handshake will be part of it. but being able to do the elbow bump thing is a way to remind people you can have contact, light hardly and practice good public health. >> joel d. smith, fox 45 news at 10:00. >> well, will the weather get better doing the holiday weekend? >> no. meteorologist jessica starr joins us now with the sky watch forecast. jessica? >> jeff you are so positive today on thanksgiving. it was gray out there today. and unfortunately dealing with rain showers right now moving into the area. and more, and 1 more day of gray weather. we will be treated sunday. radar, light rain showers in the area. heavier toward westminster. slowly moving into baltimore county, down towards arund
this and then together, but it is the volunteers that make it happen. all >> in tiers like katie fox and her husband. this is their fourth year working here, but the first with their 8-month-old son -- volunteers like katie fox and her husband. >> i want him to understand that it is important to give back whenever you have. >> have a lot. we have our health, our home, good food, and it is an opportunity to give something back. >> all morning long, volunteers from all walks of life filled up their cars and headedut to bring a traditional thanksgiving meal to people they did not even know. >> we are so grateful. >> in northeast washington, this woman, her mother, and her four children were grateful for the meal they receive. >> thank you for being so kind to us. >> she was diagnosed with colorectal cancer earlier this year. cooking these days is not always easy. >> it is like a blessing from god, and it really makes me believe and have faith in god and in jesus. this is a blessing manifested through food and friends. >> food and france has served more clients this year with a smaller staff. they are h
the couple's facebook page looks. they have posted picture with vice president joe biden and katie cure you can among others. and one status update, they said they were honored to be at the white house in honor of the indian prime minister and our first lady and they're there with the fentys. very interesting. >> i believe they're my neighbors. you think i know them. >>> soot story, a deadly twist to a high profile murder case. the man accused of killing a 9- year-old boy in his open home is now dead. officers found jose pena hanging in his jail cell. he was arrested for shooting through an apartment door in columbia heights killing oscar fuentes. sources say that he use the a sheet to take his own life. he was separated from other inmates. residents are wondering what this means or the fuentes family. >> it would have been better for it to go through the court process for the family to ee some justice the right way. >> pena had been in jail since his arrest eight days ago. officials are not saying when they last checked on him. investigation into his death is now under way. >>> tragedy at
or no? >> palin was anything but upbeat when talking about her interview with katie couric during the 2008 presidential race. that's new in about 30 minutes. >>> you wouldn't be inviting levi for the conversation. >> better chance of the turkey talking to you. have you finally gotten off the kids' table yet? it took me a few years. when i first started throwing it at my own house, no, no, you're sitting there. >> it can last all the way through college. >> i was 34 until -- good morning, robin. last of the coastal storm that used to be ida that reformed and became more powerful. look at the rain. the sent r of the storm is down south. you see the swirl in the rain showers here. with the long fetch off the ocean. wind over the ocean for a long way. picks up moisture and throws it back in towards new jersey. we had the flash flood watches out there. and the coastal flood warnings. down towards seaside. look at the winds. these are sustained. 35 miles per hour winds off the cost. about 37 sustained winds near atlantic city. not as fast as yesterday. still enough to have a problem at
to make somebody very, very happy. or very, very cross. waiting upstairs, katie masters. 110 today. we first met her after her 109th birthday. she was so sick of getting the same card from the queen every year, she wrote to buckingham palace to complain. what didn't you like about them? >> her dress. yellow. the same. every year. >> reporter: you got a bit fed up with it? >> yeah. >> reporter: the palace took her complaints so seriously, prince william was sent round to her care home to apologize. and he promised he'd make sure that next time, she'd get a different card. which brings us to today. here is the moment of truth. >> looks like it. >> reporter: happy 110th birthday. >> thank you. >> reporter: from her majesty. >> can i open it? >> reporter: it's yours. looking on, those identical queens in the dreaded yellow dress. >> oh, look. look. it's blue. >> reporter: it's blue. >> it's lovely. oh, yes. that will do. that will do. >> reporter: you prefer that one? >> yes. >> reporter: for katie, it's the present she wanted most of all. the question now -- what color would you like next
with cbs news anchor katie couric, we saw her with robin roberts from "good morning america." and she snapped a photo with the white house marines as well. and here's another. check this one out. rahm emanuel, there they are with rahm emanuel, the white house chief of staff, except instead of rahm they posted his name as ron. they didn't even get the spelling right. it's mind boggling to think that this couple could get through security when they weren't on the guest list for the state dinner. talk about party crashers. >> and the secret service has to be trying to explain this tonight. what are they saying? >> they're trying to figure it out, the secret service saying, the uninvited couple did go through the magnetometers just like the rest of the invited guests. the statement from secret service goes on to say there will be a "comprehensive review of the incident which occurred at the white house state dinner last night and initial findings identified as secret service checkpoint which did not follow proper procedure." so as i said, this couple was not on the invited guest list but
. and the evening news with katie couric. [ male announcer ] every penny counts. so does every moment. make the most of both this holiday season with great gifts at great prices from l.l. bean. ♪ >>> i'm peggy fox. are you traveling for this week? the family members involved. traveling could be stresful especially with people. go to for great suggestions for traveling for the holidays. >>> there are some alarming new numbers about how often children are watching television. and washington state studies find preschoolers spending two hours a day watching tv in daycare. that's on top of their two or three hours that they already spent watching television at home. they publish the journals and the pediatrics. >>> "new moon" rocketed to the third biggest weekend. earning more than $140 million in north america. and the blind side, they opened up in second place. followed by 2012, planet 51 and does' a christmas carol. >>> she's back. ♪[ music ] >> scottish singing sensation, susan boyle released her first cd. featuring the classic kits including ones by artists of madona and
, katie couric, steven spielberg, political superstar republican louisiana governor bobby jindal, colin powell and the sometimes republican sometimes independent sometimes democratic mayor of new york city michael bloomberg. all eyes on michelle obama wearing an elegant gown by naeem kahn. time for the big number. you know how republican leaders keep attacking democrats for spending so much money. house majority leader john boehner might want to look at his own greens fees. congressman boehner's political action committee spent almost $83,000 on golf outings this year at courses from his home state of ohio to virginia to florida. they have teed off to the tune of $82,998. by the way, john boehner waiting for an invite to go golfing with the president. hasn't happened yet. >>> up next, getting to 60. is the public option standing in the way of passing the new health care bill in the senate? we talk to a senator that is critical to the debate. you are watching "hardball" only on msnbc. okay, now here's our holiday gift list. aww, not the mall. well, i'll do the shopping... if you do the s
cain's campaign staffers for not allowing her to speak more freely and she questions her interview with katie couric and the relationship with levy johnston. going rogue is seen at her shot of redemption from being thrust into the national spotlight in last year's presidential campaign. an expert on republican strategy joined us in the studio this morning to talk more about that. >> the discussion in the book about the staff, by kind of keeping her in the box, i think there is some truth to that. think there were some staff members that she was not well served by and they're approach because they didn't dig down and see where she was connected with voters and what she was all about. is there a potential for her in the future? i think absolutely. and i think what she's doing on this book tour is basically showing herself and we'll see how much of a makeover there is in terms of the eyes of the press. >> palin has not revealed her political plans for 2012. >>> the pilot behind the mirac on the hudson is blasting a new book about the famed flight. captain chesley sullenberger says the book overs
due to excessive rush on the frame. >>> the cbs news less than an hour away. harry smith in for katie couric. good evening, harry. >> why did they earmark billions of your tax dollars for pet projects. we will follow the money. >>> a high end chef serving up meals and hope for the homeless. those stories and a lot more on thanksgiving eve right here on the evening news right after 9news now. back to you. >> it is thanksgiving eve. have a good one, harry. thank you. >>> more trees will soon line the national mall. >> but first, two people have a lot to be thankful for this holiday after walking away from a fiery plane crash. we will be right back. >>> i'm peggy fox with moms like what are you thanksgiving for this year? we would love to hear yours along with how you plan to spend black friday. join the discussions on >>> two people lucky to be alive after a plane crash today in north carolina. the single-engine cessna 170b crashed and burst into flames in chatham county west of raleigh. emergency officials say two people inside somehow escaped serious injury muc
. big names from network news like brian williams, katie couric and a brain surgeon we're proud to call our own, dr. sanjay gupta. and the washington crowd included former secretary of state colin powell, new york mayor michael bloomberg and a slightly bewildered energy secretary. >> to the future that beckons all of us. >> reporter: even the toast was short and sweet. >> let our two great nations realize all the triumphs and achievements that await us. cheers. >> reporter: and on another culinary note, today the president pardons the thanksgiving turkey. john, christine. >> jill dougherty, thanks, in washington. >> looks like a lot of fun. >>> seven minutes after the hour. new this morning, is facebook headed pour an initial public offering. it's creating a two class stock structure. the aim is keeping control of the company with mark zuckerberg and other stockholders. basically what google did before it went public in 2004. but facebook says it has no plans for an incompetento, quote, at this time. >>> firefighters are battling a wildfire east of anaheim hills in orange county, califo
anchor katie couric. hollywood mogul steven spielberg and david geffen. political superstars republican louisiana governor bobby jindal, colin powell, and the sometimes republican, sometimes independent, sometimes democratic mayor of new york city michael bloomberg. all eyes were on radiant michelle obama, who was wearing an elegant strapless gown by indian designer naeen kahn. and all say the state dinner was a big success. you know how republican leaders in congress keep attacking democrats for spending so much money. house minority leader john boehner right want to take a look at his own greens fees. according to fec filings drawn up by politico, boehner has spent almost $83,000 on golf outings this year. congressman boehner and friends have teed off to the tune of $82,998. that's tonight's big numbers. by the way, john boehner is still waiting for an invite to go golfing with the president. hasn't happened yet. >>> up next, getting to 60. is the public option standing in the way of passing the new health care bill in the senate. we'll talk to a senator that's critical to the debate.
's get back to two soldiers on my left. on the left, katie, a specialist. you are a medic, right? and the only woman at this outpost. what is that like? >> it is interesting. people ask me. >> to my right is sergeant eli. you are a squad leader, right? you are out there on patrol. what is that like? >> it is okay. it can be fun sometimes. >> it can be rough, as well. was your favorite part of the meal today? >> the massive cow we got to eat. >> it was probably the turkey. >> anyone to say hello to back home? >> we love and miss you, and happy thanksgiving to my family. >> my mom, my daughter. everyone, friends and loved ones. miss you. be home soon. >> if you have any problem with leftovers day after day after day, sent them over here to these army soldiers. they have no leftovers. they sucked them all up. they are hungry bunch. that is it. shannon: they work hard and they deserve every bite. thank you. gregg: in saudi arabia, nearly 300 pilgrims are taking part in the annual hajj. they are traveling outside of mecca, where the prophet mohammed delivered his farewell sermon, and
their designs and turn them into ties. >> thomas' tie is all about sanity a. katie, who has cystic fibrosis, likes snowmen. >> it's a white christmas. you build snowmens, >> family members say the program is a big boost to kids who've already been through so much. >> with katie, she's just been so excited. it's something that i said is once in a lifetime. so she's very excited. >> through her artwork, this represents life growing, and i just think it's amazing that she has the spirit. >> the ties have long been sold in joseph a. bank stores along the east coast, but this year for the first time, the ties are going nationwide. last year, miracle tie sales raised $50,000 for the children's center. and this year they hope to raise even more. >> thank you! >> jennifer franciotti, wbal-tv 11 news. >> nice. >> that's such a great event every year. we have a bunch of those ties. they're terrific. >> we're going wear them. it is 6:28 and 50 degrees on tv hill. more news coming up. >> residents in one maryland town still feeling the effects of that nor'easter. see what they're doing to save their ho
is coming, or no, he's not? >> open invitation for levi to come to aunt katie's house for thanksgiving dinner in washington. there, it's there. >> well, "showbiz tonight" was right there with levi at the "gq" man of the year party in hollywood last night and reporters were pressing levi about thanksgiving with the palins. he refused to comment, unfortunately. i was looking for some information on that. but, hyla, after all the venom between sarah and the guy that was almost her son-in-law, can you imagine levi and sarah sharing drumsticks and mashed potatoes at aunt katie's? >> let me think about this. no, absolutely not. not in a million years will this guy be anywhere near the palin compound. >> levi told "playgirl" he thought it would be awkward if he came to the palin thanksgiving dinner. understatement of the year? >> i think he would be worried that he wasn't actually the guest, but actually the stuffed turkey. although i would love to be a fly on that wall. it would be too good. >> rachel zalis, hyla, thanks so much, guys, appreciate it. we've been asking you to vote on our "sho
. clayton: katie couric, steven spielberg. these two people aren't on the list and they show up at the white house and they just manage to go through the procession there and they are not even on the list. i guess now there is a bit of a secret service investigation into these guys. they ended up being in the same room as the withpresident. >> she is taking pictures with joe biden. >> they were posted on their facebook page. they said so happy to go to the white house honoring india. they are bragging about it turns out that they are trying to get themselves a reality show. ainsley: did you watch that reality show housewives of orange county, new york. apparently they are going to be on the housewives. whatever, you know you have seen it. rick: i have never seen it in my life. ainsley: whatever. they are going to be on housewives of d.c. i believe it's already filmed. i like that housewives. clayton: they were trying to get on that show or they are part of the show. i don't know how in the world they found out all of the details about it. about the procession, what time to arrive. here is th
task is to install a new antenna to the hull of the station. >>> katie couric now has a preview of tonight's "cbs evening news." >>> good morning. we'll take you inside the small which is behind the biggest toy this holiday season, a robotic pet hamster called the zhu zhu. now back to "the early show." >>> and time to go back to dave at beale air force base for another check of the weather. >>> by the way, if the space shuttle astronauts need anything, i'll be in the neighborhood, so i may swing up and help them. let's take a check of the weatat >>> here's first warning doppler. we are seeing showers moving south to north being pulled our way from low pressure out of the ohio valley. we are all going to see some showers this day with a high of 58. in the low 50s now. tonight overnight cloudy, 49 and tomorrow, sunny and breezy. >>> that's a quick look at your weather picture before we're getting ready set to go all the way up 70,000 feet above the earth's surface and we'll speak in just a little while and i'll tell but our final preps. >>> we continue our series, somebody's watc
's week long visit. their main task is to install a new antenna to the hull of the station. >>> katie couric now has a preview of tonight's "cbs evening news." >>> good morning. we'll take you inside the small which is behind the biggest toy this holiday season, a robotic pet hamster called the zhu zhu. now back to "the early show." >>> and time to go back to dave at beale air force base for another check of the weather. >>> by the way, if the space shuttle astronauts need anything, i'll be in the neighborhood, so i may swing up and help them. let's take a check of the weather, see what's happening all across the country. this is the u2 we will be flying in in just a little quhil. and if we walk in this direction, you can see the military has gone so far as to personalize the aircraft for me p. this is a remarkle honor and, of course, at our high altitude, i'm sure this will stick with us. let's check the forecast and see what's happening all across the country, shall we? put up the maps and let's go to it. midwest, unfortunately, you'll see off and on showers and highs in the 40s. gr
. katie couric's contract with cbs is up in 2011. dr. oz, in syndication, as well. when you have a figure like this who is so important, beyond just rates. she's got a magazine. she's an industry, as diane noted earlier, i don't think it's just so easy for a talented, glib person to fill that void. this is a blow for syndicated television. >> thank you, howie. so many different ways of looking at it, tina. the business aspect. but there's going to be a void in people's lives. >> it's true. i do know a lot of women who make that date with oprah every day. and it does find of leave a void. interestingly, the only woman i've seen, only kind of figure that could possibly ever fill that void, would be michelle obama. michelle obama has great empathy. great intelligence. a great sense of herself, a kind of dignity. but has a warmth and embracing quality. i wouldn't be surprised if michelle's post-white house career wouldn't include that kind of television role. >> you always make us think, tina. you always make us think. tina brown, thank you so much. howie kurtz, have a good weekend there in d
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. >> it's an extraordinary book as we said. so celebrated and our friend, kati marton. go to to read "enemies of the people: a discovery of discovery and love." emergency performs next. ♪ nothing would be funny honey >>> norah jones has sold many albums since 2002 and now she's trying something new. her latest cd "the fall" comes out tomorrow. we are so happy, so proud to have back with us the one and only norah jones. >> thank you. >> wow. nice to see you all. new look, new sound, the same great voice. you've gone through a lot of changes recently. >> well, you know, i turned 30. >> it happens. >> it happens. >> yeah. >> but it is all about trying new things and doing different things, but the core of you staying the same. >> this album has a lot of different sounds compared to my last one but i think it's good. >> any motivation behind that, the particular reason you did that. >> i think just time and it just was time to try something a little new. >> we're so glad you did not that there was anything wrong with the old stuff. this is a new sound. it's coming out
for easily and speaking about her interview with katie couric and levy johnston. >> this is sarah palin's story that she -- this is her account of it so i think it's very typical to see many different sides of the story. >> palin did not, however, reveal her political plans for 2012 nor is he talking about that. and joining us now the president of the terrance group, a national republican polling firm and republican strategist who offers some counsel for the campaign. thank you for oining us this morning. >> glad to be here. >> and let's talk about going rogue. and this came from staffers, what they called her for doing her own thing. what significance does the title have now that she embraces that? >> she brought a lot to the table. i worked at the convention and with her and in terms of the speech she gave. she connected with a large number of voters out there in a very big way. in fact, one of the things we saw in the polling coming out of the convention, it's the only time that -- that ten day period was the only time the mccain campaign was in the lead. so she did bring a lot to th
were slightly injured. cruise was not there at the time. >>> right now katie couric has a preview of tonight's cbs evening news. >>> concerned about health care reform and what the key issues of cost, the public option and medicare will mean for you? we'll have a reality check tonight only on the "cbs evening news." now back to "the early show." >>> it is now 8:05. let's go outside to dave, let's wait and see, price. he has another check of the weather. >> you know what, harry pointed out to me just a couple meants ago that we aare neglecting the people at the very end of the lines. so let's say hello to these fine folks from south carolina. they're on a tour here and we have these people celebrating a 50th anniversary. you must have gotten married when you're ten. you know what i'm saying, it's a compliment. and a first great fwrand children, waiting for it to be born. it could happen while we do the weather. let's take a check of the weather picture. trouble brewing. it looks like this system, this low pressure system, is going to roll on through. kind of gain? some strength tue
. >>> up next, home styling expert katie brown with some thanksgiving side dishes, right ter this. >>> we're back for today's holiday kitchen and sides that will stand up to any 20-pound turkey. >> if you're responsible for a dish and you don't have any idea what you're stirring up and tips for your tablescape. >> hello, katie, how are you? >> sides are equally the star at thanksgiving. >> i agree with that. >> that's right. the stuffing, the turkey, the potatoes. well, today we whipped up a really simple and easy and if you guys would each grab your spoons, you could take, what we did we cooked our potatoes and ho hollowed it out and put it right inside your potato. >> twice baked kind of thing. >> a little bit of cheese. it's a little bit different than -- it's a little bit different than your basic mashed potatoes and then you take some of the pretty green stuff and put it right on top. >> is it chives? >> you just ruined my potatoes. >> baked potato. >> that was so wrong. >> she's a guest in our house, kathie lee. >> all right, i'll forgive and forget. >> you put them under the broile
williams, katie couric and a brain surgeon we're proud to call our own, dr. sanjay gupta. and the washington crowd included former secretary of state colin powell, new york mayor michael bloomberg and a slightly bewildered energy secretary. >> to the future that beckons all of us. >> reporter: even the toast was short and sweet. >> let our two great nations realize all of the triumphs and achievements that await us. cheers. >> jill dougherty is joining us with more. there is a lot of preparation that goes into planning one of these. it's not like thawing a tv dinner. what does the white house actually get out of something like this? >> reporter: well, number one, it sends a message to the country that it's honoring that they are important and that's one thing the president wanted to do. it also you know, look at the guest list. there were a lot of very important indian americans at the dinner so that's a nod to their growing political and economic influence. you have to say it's a payback to some donors and supporters during the campaign. finally, it kind of defines the s
, katie couric, and a number of other administration officials. the fact that they were standing right next to them is shocking. the only time they appeared to finally sort of have to sneak out was right before guests were seated for dinner in the tent that was erected on the south lawn. >> fran, let me ask you one more thing about this. even if they didn't have weapons, they went through magnetometers, look, i can't walk up to the president unannounced and start talking to him and i've been in the news media for 30 years. this is still an enormous breach of security. >> oh, absolutely. and i can assure you that the chief of staff -- any white house chief of staff ought to be pretty angry about this and want to get to the bottom of it. my understanding is, from having spoken to folks at the white house, is that the secret service is looking in to exactly how the breach took place. let's remember, this is a felony. if you lie to a federal official, either to the secret service or to the social secretary, if they lied their way to get in -- and it seems they would have had to have done t
and blair underwood and katie couric, brian williams and robin roberts and cnn's own fareed zakaria and sanjay gupta, and colin powell, michael bloomberg, speaker nancy pelosi, and a cast of other big players, at least one of whom, the energy secretary, went the wrong way. in the tent on the south lawn, all seemed to go right. the prime minister was the guest of honor, but all the focus was on the commander in chief. >> it's been said that the most beautiful things in the universe are the starry heavens above us and the feeling of duty within us. mr. prime minister, today we work to fulfill our duty, to bring our countries closer together than ever before. tonight, under the stars, we celebrate the spirit that will sustain our partnership, the bonds of friendship between our people. to the future that beckons all of us. >> reporter: the guests dined on eggplant salad, roast potato dump lings, chickpeas, okra, and prawns with a pumpkin by tart for dessert. it was all served on china from the eisenhower, clinton, and george w. bush years. ♪ peace and quiet and an old >> reporter: je
about the interview with katie couric. >> must we? >> yeah. >> okay. >> what newspapers and magazines did you regularly read? >> did you think that was a seminole defining moment f you, that interview? >> i did not, and neither did the campaign. >> all of them, any of them that have been in front of me over all these years. the campaign said right on, good, you're showing your independence, this is what america needs to see. i'll try to find you some and i'll bring them to ya. of course, i'm thinking, if you thought that was a good interview, i don't what a bad interview was, because i knew it wasn't a good interview. >> reporter: but in her book obtained by the "associated press," palin described the interview as badgering and biased. at the same time, she writes the campaign kept her bottled up from reporters. written at breakneck speed with a collaborator, palin titles her book "going rogue," adopting the mccain campaign's anonymous spike. they called her a diva for demanding a chance to deliver her own concession speech. mccain vetoed that. >> ok, listen up, everybody, isles going
me for the guy i saw her with. (giggling) (camera clicks) be right back. katie: close your eyes. trust me. george? why don't we invite that peter guy to join us? you know, he's kind of cute. george? (grunting) (screaming) she was selling herself like a common whore. i couldn't believe my eyes. we're from virginia. we met in church, if you can believe that. we made promises to each other. and once she moved to south beach, she forgot everything. how so? she made new friends. didn't come home for days. i found drugs in her purse. then that guy... rebecca didn't leave you for that guy. he's a cop. she was helping him to work a case. what? i don't get it. that's right; you don't. maybe she would have explained it to you. but you never gave her the chance. you took her life. now we're gonna take yours. peter kinkella has been laundering money and selling drugs, and yet you're not focused on him. why not? we need to keep his operation going. so the monitoring device is for someone bigger. kinkella's only raising capital. we want who's getting that money. which is for who? i'm afraid t
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